Patagonia: what you need to know

A unique place in the world that inspires travelers to explore one of the most remote regions. "The End of the World" amazes with landscapes full of glaciers and mountains contacting visitors with the untamed nature. Its wild flora & fauna is fully adapted to the hostile climate and Patagonian culture adds a touch of warm relationship with tourists.
Natalino Hotel Patagonia is surrounded by natural attractions, this geographical advantage allows tourists to visit interesting places without travelling long distances establishing a "base camp" in the very heart of the RegiĆ³n de Magallanes.

Torres del Paine

Among the many attractions surrounding Puerto Natales, the "Torres del Paine" National Park is definitely a must see, with the overwhelming granite range as a Patagonian icon. Just one hour from the city, there are several options for guided tours to the park, Torres del Paine will lift your spirit through the power of the untamed nature.

Calafate & Los Glaciares National Park/ Perito Moreno - Argentina

Austral Natural Icons transcend country borders and let Natalino Hotel's guests visit the Argentinean Patagonia attractions such as El Calafate town and the "Los Glaciares" National Park and its huge 5 km. Perito Moreno's glacier wall. Daily and overnight excursions depart from Puerto Natales downtown combining Argentinean and Chilean Patagonia, for sure a "once in a lifetime" trip.

Magallanes & Chilean Antarctica

Southernmost Chilean Region it is also main entrance for two iconic treasures of The End of The World. Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica become the last adventure destination for those who want to know the Patagonian "wild side". From Punta Arenas you may arrange extension programs that will let your memories travel further to the South Pole.